Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Fourth and Fifth of July

Have I mentioned how I love The Fourth? Our Fourth of July this year turned out to be a long, fun-filled day! We started the day by going to Joey and Windy's house for some nice grown-up time while all the kids went swimming! Dakota and Dillon had the best time playing with all of their friends who were there. Joey told us that he thought he needed to worry about Dakota with Hannah, because Dakota is just crazy about her, but was proved wrong by my little ladies' man, Dill! Since Hannah is quite the little mother hen, she had all the little kids, playing with them. I guess she didn't have much of a choice since the other option was to play with all the boys! (ewwww!) Dillon was stuck right up under Presley, Emma and Hannah the entire time we were there while Dakota hardly paid Hannah any attention! I guess he was too busy being a boy. After some good food, good conversation, and good times, it was on to Nana's house for more of the same!

We were a little late arriving since we had to round up all the kiddos, but when we got there the boys got to eat a little and swim some more. My kids are just like little fishies in the water! They can't get enough! Finally, at about 7:00, we got them out of the pool to get dressed to head downtown to watch the fireworks!

Like I said in my last blog, we hadn't been to see Thunder on the Mountain in two years, so this was really Dillon's first time ever to
see them! He LOVED them! He was so
excited leading up to the start of the show, and when it started, he could hardly believe his eyes! He kept calling them "My Fireworks!" He'd say, "Mama! Do you see my fireworks?" "Mama, are you getting pictures of my fireworks?" "Mama, do you hear my fireworks?" "Mama, let me take pictures of my fireworks!" If you are a friend on my Facebook, you may have seen the video that we uploaded from my cell phone. In the video, I have control of the phone, videoing part of the show, and Dillon sees and decides that HE needs to "take pictures of my fireworks". I hope that I can always remember that!

Dakota and Shea threw the football while waiting on the show to begin. We parked on top of a UAB parking deck that overlooked the baseball field and Dakota thought that was the coolest thing ever! The only thing that would have made our spot any better would have been if there would have been a baseball game going on!

Baby Drew even got in on the action. He was a little fussy (imagine that) prior to the fireworks show starting, but once it started, it quickly grabbed his attention and he watched them for the longest time.

The fireworks were absolutely beautiful - much better than the last time I saw them downtown. The timing was great and the song choices were perfect too! I only wished that they had played the Lee Greenwood song like they do every other year. That song IS the Fourth of July. I did enjoy, however, hearing him sing it on "Huckabee" with Mike Huckabee playing the guitar. That was great!


Today, we FINALLY got ourselves back in church. I cannot express to you how my soul needed that. Of course, we sang songs about being free - not just free in our great country, but free in Christ. Pastor Kevin preached on why it is important for us as Christians to support Israel. We talked about how Israel is the "Apple of His Eye". We should all continue to pray for our country, our leaders, and also for Israel. Our country is in dire need of prayer now, and it is our jobs as Christians to pray daily for it. Like he said, it isn't a political issue, it's a Biblical one. I can't wait until next Sunday to get back to church to be with my church family and worship with them!

After church today, Pawpaw Bud wanted to take the boys to Rickwood Caverns. We were afraid that the weather wouldn't allow it, but when we got there at 3:00, the rain was just stopping. The boys had the best time, and thank goodness, Drew slept the entire time we were there! Dakota got brave and tried to dive off the diving board, but couldn't get his feet up behind him. His mama had to get up and go show him how, and even ventured to show him how to do a back dive! Wow, it's been a while for that one! Still fun, though! Then Shea talked him into trying a FLIP off the high dive! My little Dakota, flipping off the high dive! Unfortunately, though, it didn't work quite like it did off the low dive, and he landed on the back of his neck. He cried for a minute, but quickly got over it and was better. He didn't try it again, though! I told Shea that he should get up there and do a flip off of it since it was obviously no big deal, like he had convinced Dakota of! Finally, he decided to climb up that big ladder and off he goes! Except, he doesn't flip, he .... dives? Well, I'm pretty sure that's what it was SUPPOSED to be, but he flopped for sure! He said it REALLY hurt! Dillon also got brave again, several times, and jumped off the diving board. He really is becoming quite the little fish! The pool closed at 5:45, and when we were walking off, my little fuss bucket decided to wake up to eat, so we sat out by the cars for me to feed him. We hadn't been sitting there five minutes when we heard what sounded like someone approaching us through the leaves and all of a sudden, the bottom fell out!

I will try to get video on here ASAP.


My poor little Drew baby doesn't seem to be getting any better. We decided last night to go ahead and try the soy formula. All day, he was slightly fussy, but nothing like he had been, so we were excited that it might be working! When we got home and settled back in, though, the screaming started back up. I just can't understand why he is always SO fussy! Even when he isn't in obvious pain, about 75% of the time he is still fussing. Maybe as he is getting older, it is decreasing some, but not much. I have been so very patient with him until now, but it's beginning to get more and more difficult to keep my patience. There are only so many positions I can try and hold him in, and so many different formulas that I can try. I am praying every day and night that if this is only a phase, that it will end soon, and that if there is something medically wrong with him, that we can get it figured out SOON! God, please give me the patience and understanding and knowledge that I need to help him to feel better!

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