Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Boy, oh boy!

I cannot tell you how excited and pleased I have been over this new blogging thing! I have been so anxious to get on here again and try to think of something clever to post about. There is so much I want to post about, but I have to remind myself to not overdo it, for the sake of readability.


I guess I'll start with Dakota again. He is just so funny. Shea's birthday is
coming up, and I asked Dakota's opinion about what to get him. When I told him what I had in mind, his little face just lit up! Of course, he is about to bust to tell him what it is! I told him "Dakota, keep your mouth SHUT about it!" His daddy found out that we had a secret, so he was aggravating him about it and Dakota says, "Well, I'll tell you this much, it's not about your birthday!" So I look over at him and give him this look like 'you better not...' and he continues, "Well, I'll give you a hint - we're all going to go!" I said, "DAKOTA! Just quit talking!" But seriously, it's as if he can't stop talking sometimes! A couple of years ago for Christmas, we got his Pawpaw Bud (Shea's dad) a large print Bible with his name engraved on the front. After church one day before Christmas, we were eating lunch at Captain D's and we were talking about Christmas and Dakota says "I'll tell you what we DIDN'T get you, Pawpaw Bud....a new Bible with your name on it!" So we'll see if he is able to keep this secret for two more weeks! I'm really not counting on it. I've thought back to that episode of The Cosby Show where they all planned a surprise party for Cliff but didn't tell Theo because he always blew the secret. I have a feeling that's how I'm going to have to be with Dakota!

The other night we were at Shea's granny's house and Dakota was watching baseball - he has really gotten big into MLB lately. He knows most of the players and who they play for, but he noticed a player he had never seen before playing for the Braves. He said, "Daddy! The Braves have a player now with the last name 'Bat Boy'! Oh, that boy. He is just too much sometimes.


I mentioned in my previous post that Dillon just learned how to swim. I just cannot get over how brave he is and how quickly he caught on to it! I have talked leading up to this summer how I wanted him to learn how to swim since my mom has a pool. I had been worried that he would possibly fall into the pool, even though they have a gate and lock around it. When Rick Burgess' son drowned last year, it really put a fear in me about it. I think it is so important for children to know how to swim as young as possible. Someone asked Shea for some pointers on how to teach a child so young to swim, and like he told them, we don't know of any! He really just did it on his own! We took his float off of him, and were holding him the first time while he swam from me to Shea, not expecting him to really understand the concept. He put his little face under water and started kicking those feet, so the next time, I let go. He was barely an arms length away, but he did it! We backed up a little each time, and in no time, he was swimming half way across the pool, to the steps! Our next mission was to teach him what to do if he fell in the pool. We had him pretend that he fell in, by jumping in off he steps at first, and then swim to the side, and pull himself out. Then he "fell in" from the deck and practiced pulling himself out. That was my dad's idea - he's so smart. So now I feel so much better about him being around the pool, even though he still is not allowed in without floats unless an adult is in the pool watching him.

Shea's grandmother just had a mastectomy on Friday, so Thursday the boys and I took her for her preop testing. While she went to have her blood drawn, she wanted us there with her, so we all went back. Drew and Dillon had just been that Monday for their checkups and shots, so Dillon knew what was about to happen. He was sitting behind his granny in a chair and when the nurse put the blood pressure cuff on her arm, he patted her and assured her "this part doesn't hurt, Granny." Then when they went to draw her blood, he was upset for her, and wanted to hold her hand. Because he was sitting behind her, he couldn't get to her hand, so he just put both of his hands on her shoulders to comfort her. What a sweet boy.


My little Drew - such the professional thumb sucker! I am so happy that he has found something to pacify himself! It also is super cute at this age. Dillon refused the passy at first, like Drew has and I was excited when he found his thumb too. Once he was old enough to hold on to it better, I forced the passy on him by always replacing the thumb with the passy. It was never a problem with him. Those are my full intentions this time too. I pray that it is as easy with Drew as it was with Dillon.

Drew has always been the best sleeper. He has never had an issue with confusing day and nights or just not wanting to sleep. But since the beginning, he has been fussy if he is awake. I started out breastfeeding, but at four weeks, after much research, Shea and I decided that it was time to stop and try formula. I was producing too much milk, and couldn't slow it down. I read up on how when you produce too much, baby gets too much of the lactose that is found in the fore milk and not enough of the fat that is found in the hind milk, and it causes too much gas. Too much gas = tummy ache for baby. I tried what it suggested, but to no avail. The only other thing that I could have done would have been to pump every time and feed him bottles, and for our lifestyle, and the fact that I have two other children, that just wasn't feasible. We went to regular, milk based formula, and he was still fussy, but not as bad. Just this past week, we went to lactose-free milk based. The doctor suggested that he may have silent reflux (no spit up), so I thought I would try putting a little rice cereal in his bottles. Before I get lectured, let me assure you, I have read the articles about not putting cereal in their bottles now, because it might encourage overeating. My answer to that is: #1 have you seen my seven year old child? I did this with him and he's tiny; #2 a treatment for reflux is cereal in the bottle, so if he does in fact have reflux, this should help. Besides, I'm not putting much in there. I've only been doing this for two days, so I'm not sure yet if it is helping. We are sure keeping our fingers crossed though!


Since we decided to name all of our boys "D" names, I sometimes call them by the wrong name and don't catch myself. This is a terrible disease that was obviously passed on to me by my grandmother. Since I can remember, I don't think she has ever called me by my name the first time. It's always "Angie, Jodi, Shannon!" (Angie and Jodi are my female cousins on that side!) It's almost like a stutter, but instead of with sounds, it's with complete names! So, if you realize that I've done this, please correct me!!! Thanks for reading!

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