Monday, July 12, 2010

July 12, 2010

Dear Drew,
I can't believe how fast you're growing! You are 14 months old now and are so smart! Your granny gave you a shape sorter ball and you could literally spend hours sitting and placing the shapes in the holes! You love it! Tonight at dinner I got you to shake your head and say "Mmmm...good!" It was so cute! I love how you shake both hands and say "Gone gone!" and especially the way you yell out "Mama! Mama! Mama!" until I ask you "What?". Every time you ask me the same question..."Manema nema blah blah ball?" I so wish I knew what you were saying! I love you so much!
Mama ;)

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Sunday, July 11, 2010


Dear Dakota,
This year, instead of soccer, you decided (with a little push from your dad) to play football. Although I enjoyed watching you play soccer, I am so excited to watch you play football! I hope that you choose to excel in football like you do in most everything you do. Always remember that no matter what you are doing, you should give 100% 100% of the time! That is all your dad and I ask of you and your brothers! Doing so makes you an excellent role model for your brothers and those around you, builds character and gives you a sense of self pride and satisfaction at the end of the day. You will never regret giving all you've got! I am so proud of you for everything you are and all you've accomplished in your 8 years!
Love you!
Mom :)

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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

July 7, 2010

Dear Dillon,
This summer I have been so proud of you! You have learned so much and have successfully made the transition between being a baby to a little boy! You have learned to ride your bicycle with no training wheels, tie your shoes, catch the ball in your glove and swim! Wow, have you been busy! You are constantly trying to one-up Dakota. I can't believe how you've grown.
I love you so much!
Mom :)

New idea!

I think I'm going to try a new idea...I think I am going to try to write little notes to each of the boys as often as I can, telling them what they did that was important, how it made them feel, how it made me feel....let's see how this works!