Monday, January 31, 2011

Terrible Twos and Potty Training Adventures!

Dear Drew,
Wow! What can I say? You aren't even 2 years old yet, but the terrible two's have hit for sure!! From temper tantrums to unexplained outbursts, you are showing typical 2 year old's personality! I often say I can't wait for this time to be over, and as I sit and type this, you are pulling on my arm and crying "Mamamamamama" because your daddy and brothers are downstairs in the den and you want to go, but I have to remind myself to treasure this time because it will be gone all too fast. I have to remember that this is you testing your limits and trying to express yourself the best way you know how at this point....

That being said, you are saying so many words! It's so funny, because any time we ask you anything, the answer is almost always "NO" even if you mean "Yes!" I'm very proud of how smart you are! You have this shape-sorter ball and that is one of your very favorite things to do! You have your daddy or I let all the shapes out and you will sit there for hours spinning the ball looking for the right hole for each shape over and over again! You are VERY good at it too! It's really quite impressive!

You also love any kind of sport! Football, baseball, basketball...those are your favorites! And oh my! are you left-handed! You hold a bat and swing perfectly left-handed - just like your mama! You throw left-handed, shoot basketball left-handed and even suck your left thumb! Yep! Sorry to say, but you are STILL sucking that thumb! I know you're going to get me for allowing you to do that for so long later on, but everywhere I've read says it won't hurt you until your permanent teeth come in....believe me, I've researched it over and over again!

After the last couple of weeks of bathroom wars with you - long periods of time sitting (playing) on the toilet, you FINALLY peepee'd in the potty today! I was so excited! I hope that this is the start to you realizing what you're REALLY supposed to do when you're in there!!! You won't be 2 for another 3 months or so, so this is a fantastic head start. I'm very proud of you and all of your accomplishments in the short year and a half you have been part of my life! Your dad and I love you VERY much!!

Mommy <3

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Baseball Season - January 29, 2011

Dear Dillon Ray,
Ohhh I am so excited for you today! It's time to sign up for BASEBALL! Your very favorite! This year you are going to move up from ragball to t-ball - a year early! You won't be 5 years old until the END of the season. Your dad and I just know that you are going to be a fantastic baseball player!
I took you out in the yard yesterday and pitched to you and you are hitting so well! Then you put your glove on and I threw to you. At first you were backing away from the ball, but I challenged you by asking if you wanted to be an awesome baseball player. You got that cute mean look on your face and said "YEAHHHH!" so I told you you couldn't be scared of that ball and you stepped right up and missed very few of the rest I threw to you! I think the sweetest thing yesterday was when you said "Mama, you know how I learned this? From Kowa!" You love your big brother! He certainly is someone to look up to, for sure!
When Daddy told you last night that he was going to work at the gym this morning and sign you up for baseball you told him "Make sure you tap me in the morning so I can go with you!" This morning, when he "tapped" you, the first thing out of your mouth was "Yay! We woke up just in time!!" Then, before you left you said "This is the best day EVER! Signing up for baseball and the CIRCUS in the SAME DAY!"
I sure hope I can remember days like today and your sweet, innocent reactions to them. Always remember, do your very best and we will always be proud of you!!!

I love you SO much!
Mom :)

Thursday, January 27, 2011


This is probably the third time I've made this same exact post! I WANT TO COMMIT TO BLOGGING AGAIN!!!

...starting tomorrow :)