Saturday, January 29, 2011

Baseball Season - January 29, 2011

Dear Dillon Ray,
Ohhh I am so excited for you today! It's time to sign up for BASEBALL! Your very favorite! This year you are going to move up from ragball to t-ball - a year early! You won't be 5 years old until the END of the season. Your dad and I just know that you are going to be a fantastic baseball player!
I took you out in the yard yesterday and pitched to you and you are hitting so well! Then you put your glove on and I threw to you. At first you were backing away from the ball, but I challenged you by asking if you wanted to be an awesome baseball player. You got that cute mean look on your face and said "YEAHHHH!" so I told you you couldn't be scared of that ball and you stepped right up and missed very few of the rest I threw to you! I think the sweetest thing yesterday was when you said "Mama, you know how I learned this? From Kowa!" You love your big brother! He certainly is someone to look up to, for sure!
When Daddy told you last night that he was going to work at the gym this morning and sign you up for baseball you told him "Make sure you tap me in the morning so I can go with you!" This morning, when he "tapped" you, the first thing out of your mouth was "Yay! We woke up just in time!!" Then, before you left you said "This is the best day EVER! Signing up for baseball and the CIRCUS in the SAME DAY!"
I sure hope I can remember days like today and your sweet, innocent reactions to them. Always remember, do your very best and we will always be proud of you!!!

I love you SO much!
Mom :)

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  1. How sweet! I can not wait to sign Ty up (already planning it and he is not even here yet!)