Tuesday, August 11, 2009

School Days, School Days

School starts back in TWO days! I can't believe my baby will be in the second grade already! I can remember his first day of kindergarten. I cried almost all day. The first day of first grade, I had a big ol' lump in my throat, and may have cried a little, but it was better. Maybe this year will be a little better. I am very pleased with the teacher that he got this year. We've known her and her family for close to four years and they are great. Shea absolutely loves their son! I think that Dakota will have a very good year this year. From what I hear, the kids in his class are all good kids!

Drew is such a big boy! He's a week and 3 days from being 4 months old, and he's just about to not be able to stay in his swing anymore! That's a shame, too, because he loves that thing! But he will roll himself completely over in it, or pull himself up and put his head over the edge! I said it yesterday, but I'll say it again...he is VERY close to sitting up on his own. He is insanely strong for his age and he has great control over himself. He is such a sweet baby. I so love him!

Dillon continues to crack me up every day. He is so funny! His most used line right now is "I beat my high score!" Any time he does something good, that's what he said, with MUCH excitement! He has so much personality.

Shea is a very good daddy. He's very strict on the boys, and it's funny to see how differently they take him. Dakota is so mature about it. He honestly understands that it is our job to make sure he behaves and when Shea is fussing at him about something, he doesn't cry. Dillon, on the other hand, gets his feelings hurt and makes the cutest pouty face you've ever seen. It's pitiful!

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