Sunday, November 1, 2009

Playing Catch-up!

Wow! What a busy, busy few weeks!

Drew Coleman is just growing and developing SO fast! In the last 2-3 weeks, he has started calling me "Mama", sitting up, crawling, eating solid foods. He has gotten a tooth, learned to clap his hands...what else? So much! He is just a busy bee! Of all three of my boys, I predict that he will be the "busiest"! As soon as he started crawling, he went directly for any cord in sight! My laptop had to move from the living room, to here on the kitchen table, out of sight. Out of sight=out of mind, right? I'm sure in the weeks to come, he will venture into the kitchen and find my cord again!

I read back over previous months posts about how bad this poor baby was the first 3 months. Those months were truly HORRID! Now, though, he is the sweetest, most lovable, huggable baby! I so love him! With Dakota and Dillon, it was like they were growing and developing before I even knew it, but with Drew, every day I see a difference in him! It's crazy! Perhaps it is because I am older now and pay more attention? Whatever the case, it is so sad and so exciting at the same time to see him grow daily! I am so blessed to be a stay at home mom. I couldn't stand the thoughts of someone else raising my kids and them witnessing all of their firsts instead of me.

Dillon had his first season of soccer! He really did great! I think he is just going to be a natural athlete! I am so disappointed though, because this season was so rainy and yucky, almost every game was a make-up game because the original game was rained out. Because of that, he only had ONE day game, which means I only have one full game full of pictures, instead of my usual 5,000 pictures of a season (no that number is not an exaggeration!). When he plays baseball this spring, I will be sure to take thousands of pictures, weather permitting! I couldn't be more proud of my Dillon. Our family joked for a long time about him being my trouble maker, because he is "different" than Dakota was. Dillon really tries hard to please everyone and it is very important to him that he is a good boy all the time. When he is sleepy, he can be a little booger, but any other time he is an absolute angel. I couldn't imagine my life without that one. I just love him so much!

And Dakota - so proud of my smart boy! He is continuing his piano and is doing great. He is becoming more dedicated and is practicing more and more. I love that he loves music. The day he was born, I said "look at these long fingers! These are piano-playing fingers!" Sure enough, mama knows best! He got his first 2nd grade report card last week. He made ALL A's! His lowest grade was a 97 in math. I was a little bit disappointed in that grade though, because he is SO smart in math, but isn't the best student and rushes through things, or half way does them. Still, though, I am a proud mama and gave him nothing but praises for his good work! He is such a special boy. I told him the day he brought his report card home that he should take it and show his Nana and Pawpaw Charlie, and maybe he would get a little bit of money for his good grades and he said "Nah, it isn't important to get money for good grades...I need to make good grades even without money!" How smart is he?

A week ago, today, our family welcomed our newest little one. Finally, a girl for my side of the family! Casey Ray is the most precious little angel! I am really so proud of my brother. If you know him, you know that Christopher is typically impatient, loud, and carefree. Seeing him hold his new daughter is just an unbelievable sight to me. He is so good and calm and patient. Never have I heard him say "sweet" and "heart" together in a sentence, but he just talks to Casey and calls her "sweetheart" and it is so sweet! And he is being so good to his wife, Kristin. She is amazing too. It is so cool to me that my brother and I both married childhood sweethearts that we have known since we were like 7 years old! We are truly blessed with wonderful spouses and children! God is Good!

My photography business is doing GREAT! I so appreciate the people who have given my new business venture a chance! I so enjoy photographing all these sweet kids, and I look forward to continuing to be a part of each family that I have photographed so far for many years! I love my life and I love my new job! I am looking forward to my first wedding in July at the BEACH! I can't wait!

Shea and I have decided to make some pretty important changes in our lives. I will discuss more in detail hopefully tomorrow, and will post plenty of pictures soon!

Thank you for reading!!!!

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