Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Such a bad mommy. :(

Oh, what a night. I feel like the absolute worst mommy in the world tonight! I was loading Drew up in the car after church and the unthinkable happened! Since he now weighs close to a ton, I can no longer dead weight lift him while he's in his car seat, so I have to give him the ol' "heave ho". As I was pulling him up, I grabbed the top of the car seat and turned his seat so that it would fit into the car (upright). I had completely forgotten that I didn't buckle him into his seat while we were sitting in church and I laid him in it. When I turned the seat upright, he went flying out of his seat, literally hitting the car parked next to us. He hit the tire and hit the ground. Poor baby cried and cried and so did I. I have never felt so low in my life. I was the one who put him in his seat and didn't buckle him. I was the one who turned him upright and dumped him out of his seat. My heart hit the ground a thousand times before his little body did. Thank you, Jesus, for having your hands on him when he hit the ground! He didn't have a scratch, a bruise, a knot or anything. I don't know how in the world he didn't! I know that he is ok though, because I watched him for a couple of hours after it happened and he took a bottle and was laughing and talking to me before bed.

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  1. Oh how sad!!! Don't feel bad, it happens to the best of us!! I could tell you of a few times I dropped Lucy...not my proudest moments!!!